B- Round 1, Group 2

Level: B-
Ranking mode: Point based
Matches played: 0 from 10

Name Sets
Kiss my Ace
Leinebagger Hannover
Janus Sisters
Volley-Vous Freiburg
Cologne Brothers

NOTE:The ranking is done based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Match points gained in the current round
  2. Number of sets won, in case of the same number of match points
  3. Number of sets draw, in case of the same number of sets won
  4. Number of sets lost, in case of the same number of sets draw
  5. Ball points difference, in case of the same number of sets lost

Match points: 1 point per won set, 0.5 points for a drawn set

M06  09:35  R1G2 Orange 30'
Referee: Wesernixen
M10  09:35  R1G2 Zitrone 30'
Referee: Berliner Vögel(n)
M15  10:10  R1G2 Zitrone 30'
Referee: InTeam
M20  10:45  R1G2 Zitrone 30'
Referee: Janus Sisters
    40 minutes break
M27  11:55  R1G2 Kirsche 30'
Referee: Cologne Brothers
M32  12:30  R1G2 Kirsche 30'
Referee: GAY-Vengers
M33  12:30  R1G2 Grapefruit 30'
Referee: Berliner Vögel(n)
    40 minutes break
M44  13:40  R1G2 Limette 30'
Referee: Janus Sisters
M45  13:40  R1G2 Zitrone 30'
Referee: GAY-Vengers
M49  14:15  R1G2 Limette 30'
Referee: Leinebagger Hannover